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Delft recycles Vermeer into fashion creations

Delft and Vermeer, two iconic names that are inextricably linked. The Vermeer Center Delft, in collaboration with Delft Marketing, presents 'Vermeer Recycle', a unique project that highlights Vermeer's legacy in a contemporary way. Previously used banners in the city have been used in new fashion creations wich can be seen until June 16 in an exhibition at the Vermeer Centre Delft.

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Vermeer and flower still life through the lens of Bas Meeuws

Bas Meeuws is a Dutch photographer who, among other things, continues the 17th century tradition of flower still lifes in a contemporary way. This work will soon be displayed in the Vermeer Center Delft. If you don’t want to wait for that, we already sell his work in the form of postcards in the store.



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Fr11slân through the eyes of Vermeer

Gabriëlle Westra and Randolph Algera will exhibit their work from 2 September to 29 October in the Vermeer Centrum Delft. From Heerenveen, both artists – together with Arcadia – have started a cultural project that stands for the power of imagination and community: the project 'Fr11slân through the eyes of Vermeer'. Within this context they painted neighborhoods and residents from the eleven Frisian cities in an innovative setting à la Vermeer.

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'Liber Amicorum' for J.M. Weber for sale at the Vermeer Center

Gregor J.M. Weber retired as head of visual arts at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. To mark the occasion, a splendit publication was published containing contributions from befriended experts in the field of ancient art, entitled 'Art Stories from the Netherlands and Italy, 1550-1800'. Weber is regarded as a leading expert in the field of Vermeer, whose work fills a prominent place in the book.


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Frank Smits exhibits his 'Girls of Vermeer'

The series consists of 12 portraits of women and girls that Johannes Vermeer depicted in his paintings. All portraits are made in the color Prussian blue.
The works can be seen in the months of June and July on the second floor of the Vermeer Center.

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Vermeer Center two modern pearls richer

The Vermeercentrum Delft recently purchased two works of art by visual artist René Jacobs. At the beginning of this year, his exhibition “Another Vermeer” was on display at the Vermeer Center, showing a dozen works of art that were clearly inspired by the work of the great master.

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New website for Vermeer Center Delft

You are currently visiting the completely renewed website of the Vermeer Center Delft. With a clearer overview, a more modern presentation and a look that matches corporate identity, we hope to reach and serve our audience even better.

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In the light of Vermeer

In September and October 2022, new works by the laureates of the Prix de Norvège, together with works by Rein Pol and Henk Helmantel, could be admired in the Vermeer Center Delft and the Oude Kerk Delft.

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Excavation foundation in Mechelen Inn

Early September 2019. The sewage system in Oude Manhuissteeg needs to be replaced. When digging, one encounters the cellar walls of Huis Mechelen, the inn of Vermeer's parents, a place where he spent an important part of his life.

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