Frank Smits exhibits his 'Girls of Vermeer'
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Frank Smits exhibits his 'Girls of Vermeer'

The series consists of 12 portraits of women and girls that Johannes Vermeer depicted in his paintings. All portraits are made in the color Prussian blue.
The works can be seen in the months of June and July on the second floor of the Vermeer Center.

Color and size make the portraits distinctive. By preserving the details and facial expressions of the women and girls in Vermeer's paintings, the hand of Vermeer is clearly present.
The choice to paint precisely these 12 women and girls was made after an assessment of the pencil drawings made of all the women and girls that Vermeer painted in his paintings. The 12 portrait paintings, as well as all pencil drawings of the 'Meisjes van Vermeer' can be found on the website: