Experience Johannes Vermeer!

- see all his paintings (reproductions)
- discover his life
- experience his working method
- find his love messages

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The art of painting revealed

'How did Vermeer paint?'

From Monday May 7 to Sunday 3 June, a special painting will be shown in the Vermeer Centrum Delft: the Little Street from Vermeer. Of course not the real one, but a reproduction. Made by the French artist Mickaël Leroy. Special about the painting is that Mickaël paints according to the techniques of Vermeer himself. Under the same conditions, made with paint like Vermeer once did. He also investigated the life of Vermeer. Mickaël himself will be present on May 19th to show how he works and to answer questions.

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Step into 17th century Delft

The Vermeer Centrum Delft is housed on the historic site of the former St. Lucas Guild, where Vermeer was Dean of the painters for many years.