Enter Vermeer’s life and work

Enter Vermeer’s life and work

At the Vermeer Centrum Delft you will learn everything about the life, work, contemporaries and city of Delft's most famous painter. Located in the middle of the beautiful historic center of Delft.

The Vermeer Centrum Delft offers a visual discovery tour through the life, work and city of Johannes Vermeer. You enter Delft in the 17th century, view images of the entire oeuvre of the painter, look for his teachers and the stories behind the paintings. 

Vermeer's time

Vermeer's time In the Vermeer Centrum Delft you will get acquainted with the Delft of the 17th century and the role that Vermeer played in it. Delft was (and is) a thriving and vibrant city. A city of commerce, industry, art and science. The city of Delft Blue. The city of Van Leeuwenhoek, scientist and inventor of the microscope. And the city of Vermeer's fellow painters and contemporaries De Hoogh and Fabritius.


In the workshop we will tell you everything about Vermeer's working method, materials and techniques. About perspective, light and color. What role did the Camera Obscura play? What pigments did Vermeer work with and how did he make his paint? Also watch our presentation on the Rijksmuseum's restoration of the 'Woman reading letters in blue'.

Saint Luke's Guild

For four years Vermeer was the foreman of the painters of the Guild of Saint Luke. The Vermeer Centrum Delft is located in a modern reconstruction of the building at the same location where the guild was housed. Vermeer has many footsteps here. 
Wander through three floors full of interesting facts and be surprised! 


Wander through three floors full of interesting facts and be suprised!