Wanted: the milkmaid of Vermeer in ceramics!

26 nov 2018

From 19 April untill 21 July, the Vermeer Centrum Delft is organizing an exhibition entirely dedicated to ‘the Milkmaid’ of Johannes Vermeer in ceramics. For this, we are looking for self-made ceramic artwork, inspired by this work of Johannes Vermeer.

Have you ever made a ceramic Milkmaid from clay, porcelain of other ceramic material and do you want to be part of our exhibition? Submit your own 'Ceramic Milkmaid'. Entries are assessed by the organization of the exhibition and if your artwork is selected, we will contact you. Please note that making your art available is at your own risk. Obviously, we, as  the organisation, will take good care of the pieces.

Do you want to participate? Please mail one or more photos of your artwork to marketing@vermeerdelft.nl before Monday 1 April. Please mention:
• the size and weight of the artwork;
• the reason why you think this work of art deserves a place in the exhibition;
• a possible sales price for if you would like to sell the artwork;
• your details (name, email address, telephone number).

In total we have room for around 20 works. On Monday 8 April, each contributor will be informed whether or not his/her work will be included in the exhibition and further agreements will be made.