Discover the Vermeer Centrum Delft

Experience the life, the work and Delft, the city of the 17th-century master of the light: Johannes Vermeer (1632 – 1675).

  • See reproductions of the original paintings in chronological order
  • Get a glimpse into the life of Johannes Vermeer  
  • Experience his work methods and step into one of his paintings
  • Find his secret love messages    

Tip: to explore Johannes Vermeer in greater depth, we also offer free guided tours (available in Dutch and English)

Dutch | every Friday at 12.00 and every Sunday at 12.00
English| every Sunday at 10.30

The paintings of Johannes Vermeer

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See all the work of Johannes Vermeer. We pride ourselves in offering high quality reproductions of all his paintings on scale. An oeuvre of 37 paintings, in which he created his own world. We provide our visitors with audio guides in 6 languages free of charge. The audio guide provides background information of all his paintings.

The life of Johannes Vermeer


Have a seat and enjoy our short film. A nostalgic film that takes you back in time showing key events that happened in the 17th century Delft.  If you want to learn more by yourself, the Vermeer Centrum Delft features a multitouch table where you can learn more about Johannes Vermeer, his family, his close friends, important locations and the Lucas Gilde in an interactive way. The table also provides old drawings, photos, maps and paintings.

The studio of Johannes Vermeer

This studio is devoted to the work method of Vermeer. Discover why Johannes Vermeer is called the master of the light. Experiment with the camera obscura and play just like Vermeer with colour, hidden views and perspective. And literally step into the world of Vermeer’s paintings.

Johannes Vermeer's love messages

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Learn to recognize the symbols in Vermeer’s paintings. A lot of Vermeer’s paintings are about love.  Sometimes it is obvious, but other times he subtly refers to it by painting certain objects or details. His contemporaries knew the meaning of these symbols, but nowadays not every observer knows what they mean.

Johannes Vermeer's heritage


In cooperation with Archeologie Delft e.o. the exhibition ‘Vermeer’s Heritage’ was created in the Vermeer Centrum Delft. The presented archaeological findings give you a unique insight into Johannes Vermeer’s life and work. Some of the 17th century objects can be found in Vermeer’s paintings.