Discover the Vermeer Centrum Delft

The Vermeer Centrum Delft offers the visitor a discovery tour through the life, works and town of the 17th century master of light: Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675). His name is inextricably linked to Delft, the town where he was born and where he lived and worked his entire life.

Vermeer’s world

The section ‘Vermeer’s world’ shows you 17th century Delft. Wander through the famous ‘View of Delft’ and meet Vermeer’s environment and discover the fertile breeding ground for his talent: the thriving scientific and artistic climate in Delft, his clients, his family and his rich mother-in-law.
In Vermeer’s world there are copies of all his paintings in their original size. Vermeer created an entire own world in his 37 works.

Vermeer’s atelier

This entire floor is dedicated to Vermeer’s working methods. How did Vermeer paint true to life images with light, tranquility, harmony and mysterious stories? Discover how Vermeer mastered light in the light studio. Experiment with the camera obscura and play with colour, hidden views and perspective. And literally step into one of Vermeer’s paintings.

Vermeer’s love messages

Many of the Delft painter Johannes Vermeer’s paintings are about love. Sometimes it is obvious, but other times he subtly refers to it by painting certain objects or details. His contemporaries knew the meaning of these symbols, but nowadays not every observer knows what they mean. These objects and details can be seen in the exhibition ‘Vermeer’s love messages’. Learn to recognise the symbols in Vermeer’s paintings.

Vermeer’s Heritage

In cooperation with Archeologie Delft e.o. the exhibition ‘Vermeer’s Heritage’ was created in the Vermeer Centrum Delft. The presented archeological findings give you a unique insight into Johannes Vermeer’s life and work. Have a look at the utility objects that probably belonged to the residents of the Oude Mannenhuis (Old Men’s house), which stood in the spot where currently the Vermeer Centrum Delft is located. Furthermore, you will find objects that were used in 17th century households. And a couple of glass cases have been dedicated to 17th century objects that you can see in Johannes Vermeer’s paintings.

During your visit you can also use the audio tour.

Tip: Every Sunday at 10:30 AM there is a free English tour in the Vermeer Centrum Delft.

Discovering Vermeer walk

Besides a visit to the centrum, Vermeer can also be discovered on foot. An individual walk has been set out along all the highlights in Vermeer’s life. The Vermeer Combiticket gives you access to all the locations.


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